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Night Lights

Toddler's can easily become agitated and scared during the night, so we have a range of safe, battery operated night lights from some of their favourite characters. All cool to the touch and giving off a soothing glow to ensure a good night's sleep.

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Night lights can be a great purchase and source of comfort for children who are afraid of the dark or monsters, an awareness that can start at around two to three years old. In stopping this anxiety, night lights are a fantastic weapon in the fight for a good night’s sleep for adults and children alike. Many adults introduce night lights earlier, such as when feeding a child at night when they were a baby or to keep night time disturbances to a minimum when checking in regularly. Using night lights during these disturbances helps keep household disturbances and disruption to a minimum. At Children’s Rooms, we stock and supply a wide range of night lights specifically designed for use in children’s bedrooms, available in a wide range of characters and themes. Including Fairies, Butterflies, Pirates, Animals and Footballs. These lights have been specifically chosen because they look great, are safe, and are dim enough to not disturb sleep, whilst bright enough to provide comfort. As your child grows, you can discuss what worries him during the night and gradually wean them off the nightlight. If you have any questions about the range of night lights, just get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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