Curtains from £3.95 suitable for kids bedrooms, living rooms and bedrooms.
Here at Children's Rooms we pride ourselves on the vast choice of children's bedding we can offer our customers. Whether you are looking for boys or girls, single, double, kingsize or toddler duvet sets, with our range you will certainly find something to your taste and budget.
King Size Bedding - Duvet with 2 pillowcases
We were aware that our vast choice sometimes overwhelmed our customers so we have now introduced a filter system where you can now drill down on categories and themes to ensure you get exactly the type and size of kids bedding that you want. We've also added a comparison tool - simply click on the heart to save that choice, and you will then find all your favourite bed sets, curtains and bedroom accessories saved to a special page which you can find by clicking on the heart next to the Children's Rooms search box at the top of the page.

Duvet Cover Sizes Explained
Our most asked questions are
'What size are your toddler, single, double or kingsize duvet covers?'
'What type of duvet insert should I use for my child'?
'What is a tog rating?'
'What's the easiest way to insert a quilt or comforter? (there isn't, you just have to struggle)

Toddler Bedding Sets Size - 120 cm x 150 cm (47" x 59") includes 1 junior pillowcase(sometimes referred to as Junior Bed Sets
This size does require a junior/toddler insert and pillow, and will fit a toddler bed or a cot. With over 100 sets to choose from ranging from their favourite TV characters (looking at you Peppa Pig )to colourful dinosaurs, space themes, mermaids and fairies with a good sprinkling of generic patterns.

Single Bedding Sets Size - 138 x 200 cm (53" x 78") includes 1 standard pillowcase
With well over 200 sets in stock this is our most popular size and the main reason why we introduced a filter and save option. Our top 5 selling single bed sets, so far this year, are the Marvel Avengers Strike range, Lego City Diggers, Demolition, Disney Cars 3 (yeah, good old Lightening McQueen), Unicorns and Rainbows and Shoot, from our Football range. Surprisingly this shows that boys bed sets seem to be more popular than girls.

Double Bed Sets Size - 200 x 200 cm (78" x 78") includes 2 standard size pillowcases
Doubles are catching up with our single range as we now have over 150 in stock. Many parents are using this size on single beds to ensure their kids have a cuddly, cosy night with no cold air seeping through. Again, Marvel Avengers top our best selling range (mmm, maybe Iron Man, played by Robert Downy Jnr has some bearing on this!). We also find that Teenagers make up a large proportion of our customers with many generic and plain designs in our top 10, although 'I Love Fluffy Unicorns' sneaks in at no. 10.

King Size Bedding Sets Size - 230 x 220 cm (90" x 87") includes 2 standard size pillow cases
Guess which is our top selling king size duvet this year - yep, you've got it - Marvel Comics, Retro design and our poor Unicorn Range has been relegated to 16th position. The majority of this size is definitely aimed at older children and teenagers (allthough we do a nice line in bed sets for grown ups too), but we do have a couple of designs suitable for our younger customer.

Types of Inserts
You can choose between a natural filling or a synthetic one. Natural fillings include feathers or down, or a combination of the two. This type is the more expensive and also not recommended if your child has any allergy problems. Most parents opt for the synthetic variety which is a choice between Hollowfibre, which is the lightest option, or Microfibre. Synthetic ones are much easier to wash than those filled with a natural fibre.

Tog Ratings Explained
The warmth provided by a duvet is measured in togs and the higher the tog the warmer the duvet. This ranges from 1 tog, very cool and lightweight to the heftier and much warmer 15 tog. Young children in particular don't need very high tog ratings as they can't regulate their body temperatures too well. Thankfully modern houses are usually well insulated and bedrooms don't get overly cold so a medium tog rating should suffice in winter and 3 tog in the summer months. It is recommended that duvets and pillows should not be used with babies under a year.

Easy Way to Insert a Duvet into a Cover
Most people find this task cumbersome and awkward and there are various Youtube videos which show, apparently, how simple it can be. I've always gone with -
a)turning the cover inside out
b)wriggling my arms up inside the cover into the top corners
c)grasping the corners of the insert and then shaking them both together until cover is more or less in place.
This can also be used as part of your exercise regime as it must use hundreds of calories.
YouTube video on how to Insert a Duvet Cover Easily!
Don't be fooled though as I reckon it's not actually going to change your life (unless you're a chambermaid).