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UK Duvet Sizes Demystified

Today’s market is flooded with a large variety of duvet sizes which is great if you are looking for plenty of choice but it can make things a little confusing so we have put all the standard sizes in one place for you to see at a glance (other companies may import brands with slight size differences).

Queen size is missing off the list because it is not classed as standard over here in the UK and when we did our research it was difficult to find duvet covers to buy in this particular size so you would be better off avoiding this one as choice is very limited and the actual dimensions vary.

Keep the choice aspect in mind if you go for super king size duvet or emperor too. There are duvet covers out there for these sizes but your choice will be limited compared to king or double options.

Have you ever looked on our website and wondered why we offer kids character bedding in double duvet size? Well there is a market for it and believe it or not it is a popular seller. You may be sitting there imagining a small child swamped in a double bed but parents buy double duvets and put them on to single beds, instead of a standard single duvet, which means the bedding drapes over the sides and offers extra warmth. You also get to see more of the feature pattern on that fabulous bedding that you paid good money for.

If you have a double bed and your other half hogs the quilt then why not buy a king size duvet and increase the amount of bedding there is to snuggle under? It might just help to reduce those duvet battles.

One of the things that causes the most confusion is the cot bed duvet. Babies and children should not have a duvet on their cot or bed until they reach the age of 12 months to avoid over heating or accidental suffocation.

Cot bed duvets, toddler duvets and junior duvets are all the same thing. Once your child is old enough to no longer need the bars of a cot you can convert a cot bed by removing the cot sides and making it in to a junior, or toddler, bed. A word of caution though … this is smaller than a standard single bed and where using a duvet the next size larger on most beds gives extra warmth and snuggliness it is not advisable on a toddler bed as your child is learning to adapt to a new style of bed and bedding and could become swamped in a duvet that is too big. Stick to the junior duvet here.

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