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Guide to children's curtains

All of our curtains come ready made and in a pack of two. We use inches (") as the main measurement.

Each curtain width is 66" (167.64cm or 5.5 feet), so in pack of curtains you get 132" (335.25cm or 11 feet).

The length of each curtain varies but our main ones are 54" (137.16cm or 4.5 feet) or 72" (182.88cm or 6 feet). We do have some that are 84" (213.36cm or 7 feet). We include the length of each curtain in the name eg ABC Curtains 72s (these are 72" in length).

Measuring for the curtain track or pole

Start by putting up and measuring your curtain track or pole. It should be positioned approximately 6" (15.24cm or 0.5 feet) above the window and approximately 6" to 8" (15.24cm - 20.32cm or 0.5 feet - 0.66 feet) wider than your window. If it's a track then measure the full length. If it's a pole measure the pole only. Not the decorative ends.

Measuring for the curtains

For a soft gathered look, measure the track or pole and times by 2 for pencil pleat or eyelet and tab top x 1.5. You can add a futher 2.5cm to the width so that curtains overlap in the middle. If you do have a radiator below your window it is recommended to sit the curtain 1 1/2" (3cm) above so the heat can still rise up.

Decide where you want your curtains to end.

  • Sill length - curtains to finish 1/2" (1.25cm) above to prevent wear
  • Below the sill - curtains to finish 6" (15cm) below to help block light and keep in draughts
  • Floor length - curtains to finish 1/2" (1.25cm) above to prevent wear

How to hang the curtains

Pencil pleat on a track

Make sure you tie the cords on one side. At the other end start pulling the cords so that the curtains start to gather and complete this process until you have the gather you want. Loosely tie the cords at the side you have pulled. Both set of cords can now be tucked between the header tape and curtains so they are out of sight.

Curtain track gliders (needed for attaching pencil pleat curtains to a rail)

Curtain hook (needed for attaching pencil pleat curtains to a pole). These can also be used to attach blackout blinds to curtains by hooking them through the hoop on the curtain track glider.

You have 3 sections along the header, this depends on the position you want your curtains. You can place them top (this gives less curtain above the curtain rail), middle or bottom (this gives more curtain above the curtain rail, this one is recommended for tracks). Space them out so that they are equal and the curtains will hang better.

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