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Catherine Lansfield Dinosaur Wall Mural - 158 x 232 cm
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Colourful Dinosaur wall mural from the Catherine Lansfield range of [=/dinosaur.html] Dinosaur Bedding[/a]. This large, feature wall, wallpaper will surely feed the imagination of your young paleontologist with it's friendly herd of dinosaurs all playing happily with their babies. We've got a pair of Struthiomimus (never heard of those before), a blue T Rex, a Malasaurus, a large diplodocus, the spiney triceratops and a green spotted Brachiosaurus. They are all living happily in the green valley surrounded by trees and a winding river, which flows from the distant hills and an erupting volcano.
This mural is supplied in 2 pieces and includes the wallpaper paste.

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Dinosaur Mural
  • Measures : 158 x 232 cm (width x height)
  • Includes wallpaper paste to apply
  • 2 individual pieces
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