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Black Out Curtains

For our extensive range of CHILDREN'S CURTAINS - CLICK HERE in both sizes

This page is devoted to keeping the early morning sun out of your child's or nursery bedroom. We have simple blackout linings which are easily fitted behind your existing curtains and a selection of plain coloured, pink, blue or neutral blackout curtains for boys or girls bedrooms. Plus a selection of attractive, nursery blackout curtains.

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The Black Out products on this page are perfect for those parents looking for a ‘sleep in’ during the spring and summer, when the early morning sun wakes everybody in the house. Furthermore, babies and young children need around 11 hours sleep a night, meaning it can also be very difficult to settle them down to sleep on an evening, when it is still light outside. As well as blackout linings, which can be fitted to our wider range of curtains, this collection also includes a wide range of thermal curtains, as well as neutral blackout curtains. These curtains include black, pink and blue colours. Neutral curtains are perfect for adding timeless style to a room, so if your child changes their favourite TV show or characters often, it’s maybe a good idea to bear these in mind! Room ‘customisation’ can then come in the form of cheaper and easier to change bedroom accessories and bedding. If you have any questions about this range, just get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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