Teens & Tweens Development

Children continue to grow and amass natural skills over the next few years, although not at the same rate as in the first five and most skills are emotional and do not appear to make much difference to the child, until they reach puberty.
Puberty seems to be starting earlier in children, with some girls experiencing 'mood swings' and hormone problems as young as 8, and if parents and carers aren't aware of this, they could label the child difficult or naughty. Other sites deal with this 'awkward' age much better than I could here - see below for some indepth information and advice.

Kids Development has an extensive section on Teens and Tweens with indepth looks at emotional problems, sexual development and associated problems

Supernanny not only deals with precocious 2 year olds but has an handle on handling the tween years with some good down to earth advice