Help with Early Learning - ABCs & 123s

Early Learning

Your toddler's brain is working the hardest it will ever work with 90% growth during these first 5 years, so it makes sense to try and teach your little one as much as you can and it makes more sense to have fun while doing it.
If you make learning fun, if you make reading something to look forward to, and give them every encouragement whether they get it right or wrong then you will have set them up for a life of easy learning. They will enjoy school that much more, reading will so enrich their whole lives and the thirst for learning new stuff will always be a joy.

This page features a few early learning websites for young toddlers and pre-schoolers. Fun ways to introduce your toddler to their abc, 123, shapes and colours with great games, downloads and flash cards.

  • Preschool Rainbow - is full of activities for you and your little one that you can do at home using everyday items. The themes cover the seasons, numbers,  the alphabet, friends and family.
  • Activity Village - is a UK Parenting site which has been around for quite a lot of years and is full of great stuff for young kids and their carers. There's indepth resources for reading and numbers and also a plenty of activities to create an interest in history, crafts, science etc
  • Story Place - Pre School - an American site geared towards pre-schoolers. Lots of online activities divided into themes and with games to encourage early literacy.
  • - excellent and extensive advice on how to encourage your little one to learn the basics - numbers, letters, words etc - through play and having a fun time.