Boredom Busters for Children

When the kids are stuck indoor and don't want to play on the computer or their favourite console games and there's nothing on the television - or you just want to have some good old fashioned fun then check out the sites below where we've listed tons of stuff that the whole family can get involved in. We've not forgotten those good old fashioned outdoor games and activities either

  • Activity Village - Kids Crafts - things to do and make
  • All Free Crafts - lots to do and make
  • Calendars - get the kids to make the calendars - fabulous choice
  • Colour by Numbers - print out and follow the numbers to create masterpieces
  • Connect the Dots - mainly for little 'uns, connect then colour
  • Funroom - US postage only so you can't shop at this site but there are plenty of free craft ideas and recipes
  • Online Fuzzy Felt - a cyber update for the fuzzy classic
  • Paper Airplanes - Alex's Paper Airplanes - amazing how kids still love these
  • Solar System Simulator - NASA lets you experience the wonder of a planetarium in your own home ... great for older kids
  • Get bandages or toilet rolls and let the grown-up be the patient
  • Visit the supermarket and stock up on cardboard boxes - make houses, castles, shops, great for mini slides (from the sofa), or to use as a punch bag
  • Let the kids loose with your old make-up/jewellery/clothes
  • Play hide and seek, scavenger hunt, I-spy (use colours for little 'uns)
  • Check out the local leisure centre.
  • Fossil collecting - what to look for and where to look
  • Pond Dipping - find your nearest pond and go dipping
  • Wildlife Gardening - get mucky and learn while having fun
  • Old Fashioned Outdoor Games - Hopscotch, What Time Is It Mr Wolf, Skipping - all with excellent instructions
  • Woodland Trust Nature Detective - find a wood near you and current activities for all ages.