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kids bedding, curtains and bedroom accessories on sale

Kids Bedroom Accessories

kids wall clock

Alarm Clocks and Wall Clocks

We have a large selection of children's bedroom clocks, including battery operated wall clocks and kids bedside alarm clocks. There is a huge range of character clocks, such as, Disney Princess and Fairies through to Disney Cars and Spiderman and an even larger range of generic themed clocks.

children's cushions

Bedroom Cushions

Everyone likes something to cuddle and whisper secrets to and our range of boys and girls bedroom cushions fit the job perfectly. Choose from our extensive range of character themes, shaped novelty designs or a plain, patterned square cushion.

ceiling shades

Ceiling Shades

No-one likes a bare bulb hanging from the middle of the ceiling, which is why our ceiling shades have an easy hang system, which clips over the top of the bulb fitting - easy peasy. There is a large choice of styles and themes with Minnie Mouse and Disney Cars always being popular, we also have a range that are exclusive to us at Children's Rooms and can't be found anywhere else.

Bedside Lamp

Children's Bedside Lamps & String Lights

Most children, at some time, will profess to be scared of the dark! This could be a ploy for extra play time or reading time, or it could be a genuine concern as their fervent imaginations can see large scary monsters hiding in shadowy corners. Our Kool Lamps range are extremely safe for young children, as they are cool to the touch and the lighting filament cannot be accessed.

Light Switch Covers

Why be boring with a plain white light switch cover when you can simply push on a colourful light switch cover? We have a fun range of colourful themed covers which enhance a kids bedroom decor and are easy as pie to use, simply expose the sticky tape on the back and push onto the existing light switch.

childrens height charts

Children's Height Charts

A selection of colourful, self adhesive height charts which are suitable for boys and girls bedrooms. These are all easy to apply, simply remove the backing and press firmly onto any clean smooth surface, they can also be removed without leaving any sticky residue.

kids safety mirrors

Kids Safety Mirrors

There was a time when young children didn't care what they looked like, they just wanted to get out and play. Not anymore, both boys and girls are now concerned that they look good, their hair is in perfect shape and no splodges of paint linger on their faces, so these safety mirrors in a variety of designs and sizes will be very useful.

kids hot water bottles.

Hot Water Bottles

On those cold winter nights or when tummy ache strikes, children of all ages love their hot water bottles and derive great comfort from hugging one. We have a lovely selection of character themes and novelty designs - all with cosy covers.

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